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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Is your favorite chair dull or dingy?
Do your couch cushions have unsightly stains? Give your favorite furniture new life with professional upholstery cleaning from The Rug Beater! We can clean nearly any kind of furniture, large or small. We can even handle car upholstery cleaning!

Our upholstery cleaning services are available in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties!

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Our Professional Furniture Cleaning Process

Safe Cleaning Methods

Unlike most standard carpeting, upholstery fabric is often made from a variety of materials from synthetics to natural materials. Our cleaning methods are safe on just about any fabric, but we always pre-test each piece to determine the fabric content. If we find the fabric is unsafe to clean, we’ll let you know and suggest other options to professional cleaning.

Deep, Thorough Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning equipment and solutions are designed to provide a deep, thorough cleaning to give your furniture a like-new appearance. For best results, your furniture should be professionally cleaned before the fabric begins to dull in appearance or before the arms of the furniture are a different color than the rest of the piece.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep your furniture looking its best is through regular vacuuming with a quality upholstery tool. Dust, pet hair and crumbs should be removed regularly. When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, avoid trying to clean your upholstery on your own, which can result in damage or water stains that are difficult to remove later. To protect your investment, have your upholstery professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

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