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There are three major categories of rugs. First, an Oriental rug is any rug that is HAND knotted. An Area rug is any rug that is MACHINE knotted and a Custom rug is any hand or machine rugs that are TUFTED pieces. Most rugs, but not all, are usually made of wool or silk and are knotted on a cotton framework. In other words, all the fibers are natural as opposed to synthetic and will therefore absorb more moisture and will stain easier. For rug cleaning, this means we must treat them differently than synthetic wall to wall rugs.  So rug cleaning is different than wall to wall carpet cleaning.

Why must the rug cleaning happen at our plant and not at your house? There are many reasons but these are the most important ones:

First, wool rugs in particular have the ability to hold a ton of dirt. In fact, we must vacuum these over and over on both sides before they are ready to be cleaned.

We actually clean our area rugs by submerging them in water. Most people are shocked to hear that we do this. Actually, the very best way is to totally submerse these rugs to the point of saturation which insures a thorough cleaning. The danger of course is that the dyes may bleed.

An inexperienced cleaner could be ruining a rug in short order if he didn't know how to first pretest the rug and then determine the correct solutions to use to keep the rug from bleeding during the wash process.

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Because of the high absorption factor in natural fibers, they take longer to dry and the faster they dry the fewer problems especially with the chance of color runs. We speed dry them after the rug cleaning, even setting up a large dehumidifier to keep the surrounding air as dry as possible.

Most area rugs need two to three different steps to do the best job, especially if the rug has a dirty fringe.

Stain removal of pet urine is often a huge issue and we can get the urine out but it requires another step in the process. By the way, those pet stains in wool are usually permanent. Sorry! We can lighten them sometimes but the reality of wool is that it will usually stain from urine or other organics.

For an Area, Oriental or Custom rug that you would like to maintain, give us a call. We'd love to help!


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