Is Berber Carpeting Maintenance Free?


Berber carpeting is a style, not a fiber type. It is a low level loop usually made of thicker fibers and sometimes at varying heights. Most of the Berbers are made from olefin fiber also known as polypropyline. While nylon is the most resilient fiber, olefin is your least resistant. Although it has some good characteristics such as dye resistance, it is the most challenging to maintain. It has little crush resistance which will cause furniture indentations and traffic lane matting. It loves oil and grease and these can permanently affect it. It also has a low absorption so that spills will sink down to the backing and beyond and then slowly work to the surface creating an "unknown" spot source. This carpet needs the most careful and significant maintenance to produce acceptable results.

Like someone told me recently, " If I knew more about carpet cleaning, I would get mine cleaned".  Hopefully, this will help you understand the benefits of having your carpet regularly maintained.

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