My Carpet Cleaning–Before & After

   Posted December 17, 2012


Wow! What a difference!  I was getting my home ready for the holidays and realized how grungy my carpets looked. Carpet Cleaning! I didn't have time to rent one of those grocery store carpet cleaners–that don't really do anything anyway–so I called The Rug Beater to get my carpets professionally cleaned for the holidays. When my relatives arrive, they will see fresh, clean carpeting. They will think I just put in new carpeting! Look here and see for yourselves the value in having your carpets professionally cleaned!

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Carpet Cleaning Lancaster


My Recent Carpet Cleaning Experience

   Posted October 10, 2012


Recently I had all the carpets in my home cleaned by The Rug Beater Cleaning Enterprises, Inc. I was completely satisfied with the manner in which it was done and with the results. The carpets look very nice. They were installed 13 years ago. The young man who cleaned the carpets was very polite and careful. I would not hesitate to have this company clean my carpets again next year.

- Anne R.

How Often Do You Vacuum?

   Posted September 23, 2012



is where most people start when they think about carpet cleaning and maintenance.  Below are some basic tips for you to consider.

  • Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas of heavy traffic. Frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet by preventing a buildup of gritty particles that can cut carpet fibers. Every few weeks, take a little extra time and use your crevice tool for cleaning around baseboards and radiators and in other hard-to-reach places.

  • To vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting, divide the floor into quadrants and vacuum an entire quadrant before moving on to the next.

  • Take your time when you vacuum a carpet, especially a plush carpet in which dirt is sure to be deeply embedded. One pass with a high-powered upright is not enough. Go over each section of carpeting several times, and work slowly to allow the suction to remove all the ground-in dust and dirt.

  • Pay special attention to the areas where people sit and move their feet. Vacuum these areas of heavy traffic with a crisscross pattern of overlapping strokes.

  • Soil retardants can be applied to new carpets or to newly cleaned carpets. Follow manufacturers' advice. Apply soil retardants only with professional equipment using the recommended application techniques.

  • Add baking soda to the bag in your vacuum to fight odors.


Is This New Carpeting?

   Posted September 8, 2012


Is this really the same carpet?  Carpet Cleaning by The RugBeater!  Call Us Today!

before1 After1
Before After


Why Use A Certified Technician?

   Posted August 13, 2012


We think that the best way to maintain a cleaner and healthier home is to supplement your regular cleaning and vacuuming with periodic visits from an experienced certified carpet cleaning professional. For those jobs that require experience — such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal, and maintenance of wood and tile floors — only a certified technician will deliver the results you can trust. Look for the Clean Trust logo to verify IICRC certification.

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Is Berber Carpeting Maintenance Free?

   Posted April 19, 2012


Berber carpeting is a style, not a fiber type. It is a low level loop usually made of thicker fibers and sometimes at varying heights. Most of the Berbers are made from olefin fiber also known as polypropyline. While nylon is the most resilient fiber, olefin is your least resistant. Although it has some good characteristics such as dye resistance, it is the most challenging to maintain. It has little crush resistance which will cause furniture indentations and traffic lane matting. It loves oil and grease and these can permanently affect it. It also has a low absorption so that spills will sink down to the backing and beyond and then slowly work to the surface creating an "unknown" spot source. This carpet needs the most careful and significant maintenance to produce acceptable results.

Like someone told me recently, " If I knew more about carpet cleaning, I would get mine cleaned".  Hopefully, this will help you understand the benefits of having your carpet regularly maintained.

Myth: I Can Save Money Buying The Most Inexpensive Padding

   Posted April 15, 2012


This is another costly mistake homeowners make by trying to save on carpet installation expense. When an inexpensive pad under the carpet breaks down, the carpet becomes prematurely worn and damaged. Not a good scenario, especially after you've spent that extra money on the quality carpet.

If you have questions about carpet purchases, give us a call and we will be happy to help you decide what type of carpet is best for your needs and we can even steer you to a reputable carpet company.

What Kind Of Carpet Do You Recommend For A Home?

   Posted April 9, 2012


That's easy! For residential, I always recommend a nylon cut pile with as many fibers per square inch as possible, regardless of color.

I Don’t Want The Scotchgard Protector Because It Was Put On By The Manufacturer

   Posted April 6, 2012


That is a great selling ploy, but eventually it will wear off. It will NOT last forever. It's like wax on your car. Eventually some of it will wear off with use and should be reapplied to maintain its protective qualities.

Did you know??

   Posted January 30, 2012


Did you know that mold issues in your home are generally NOT covered by your homeowners insurance?  Mold should not grow indoors unless there are moisture problems in the home.  The obvious causes of moisture are high humidity, floods, roof leaks, cooling system issues or drainage-plumbing problems.

 Insurance companies feel that mold issues are often caused by neglect of a moisture problem (i.e. not repairing or replacing something, not having it dried out properly, etc.)

So…when you have water damage in your home, call the experts (us) to have damage dried properly and save yourself the headaches, bigger problems and additional expense that will come along when mold develops.  But you know what?  We can remediate the mold too!