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Carpet Cleaning -
The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or It's FREE!

Extend the life of your carpet and get the fresh, clean carpet you and your family deserve with professional carpet cleaning from The Rug Beater. Any room, any size, any mess… Our experienced and friendly carpet care technicians can clean it all!

Contact us for expert carpet cleaning for your home or business and get a FREE estimate!

Carpet Cleaning

How We Do It

The Right Equipment

Our thorough carpet cleaning starts with our truck-mounted hot water cleaning units that are the most expensive and effective systems available on the market today. We've invested in the best technology to give our customers superior results, every time. Our systems are much more effective than any carpet cleaning equipment you can buy or rent because of the powerful extraction system. We can remove more dirt and stains than any other system out there, guaranteed!

Certified Technicians

In addition to utilizing the best technology and tools on the market, all of our carpet care technicians have undergone industry training to become certified carpet technicians. We also provide continuing education to keep up with the latest technologies and methods for keeping your carpet clean and fresh!

Regular Cleanings Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

After our initial cleaning, we'll gladly set up a regular carpet maintenance program to keep your carpet looking great! We recommend professional carpet cleaning on a yearly basis to protect your investment and prevent wear and damage from embedded dirt in the carpet fibers. If you have children or pets, consider having your carpet cleaned more often for best results.

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Ready for the cleanest, freshest carpet ever? Turn to the carpet cleaner you can trust! Contact the Rug Beater today for professional results you'll love, guaranteed! We've been cleaning carpets for homeowners and area businesses since 1988!

Stain Removal

Do you have unsightly stains on your carpet or furniture? Need to remove stains and odors resulting from pet accidents?

Stain Removal

While the best approach to stain removal is dealing with spills and accidents as they happen, we understand that many stains aren't visible right away. Pet stains are a good example. It may be weeks or months before you realize your puppy has been urinating behind a chair in the living room or using the hallway as a convenient spot to go.

We use a variety of cleaning techniques to remove stains depending on the type of stain, the fabric involved and the age of the stain. While we can't remove every stain we encounter, our professional cleaning technicians have removed many tough stains and odors from homes and businesses throughout Lancaster County and we can do the same for you.

Contact the Rug Beater today for professional stain removal on carpets, rugs and furniture!